Here’s how to make this
your biggest month

Hey, Brian here.

A few urgent announcements for you…

First thing’s first, I want to make sure you mark your calendar for Thursday, August 26.

On that day, I will be hosting a new free online workshop called “Create Passive Income with a Simple Online Course.”

If you’re interested in discovering how SamCart users are generating an extra $3,000 – $5,000 a month in passive income from selling online courses, then you don’t want to miss it.

I’m going to encourage you to upgrade our VIP event list. Once you do that, you’ll be eligible for exclusive content, including my 6-Figure Course Ideas For 2021 report for free. Click here to do that now.

Starting today and leading up to our online workshop on August 26, my team and I will send you essential materials to ensure you arrive prepared.

Alright, now let’s get down to business.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I created my first business in 2009.

I jumped from idea to idea and struggled to make my first sale for over a year.

But I eventually met a mentor named Paul, who steered me in the right direction.

And within 12 months, I went from making nothing to grossing over a million dollars in sales in a single year.

That allowed me to quit the job I hated, start working from home and start living the lifestyle that I would never have dreamed of living.

My wife and I were able to spend more time together than ever.

Plus, I was doing something I loved to do with people I loved working with.

I continued to build my business year after year…

And since 2009, I have generated over $30 million in sales for my own businesses.

After that, I started helping countless entrepreneurs at events worldwide replicate more success in their own businesses.

People like Kim Jimenez, who built a 7-figure business. Rock Ullah, who is making over $100,000 per month in his language learning business. And Carl Hitchborn, who made over $71,000 in his first 90 days.

Of course, I’m not saying you’ll start making that much money overnight…

But for every one of those people generating 7 figures a year on SamCart, a dozen others are adding anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000 extra a month from following the simple strategies I show them.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s definitely not to brag.

I’m simply showing you that any financial goal you’re looking to achieve is feasible when you follow these methods.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

Because on Thursday, August 26 — for the first time ever — I’m releasing my new business model for generating real passive income from online courses.

This is something I’ve been working hard on behind the scenes for months.

I’ve invested millions of dollars in advertising to prove this model works.

I’m happy to say that it does work… and far better than I thought it was going to (and I’m a pretty optimistic guy).

The beauty is this can work for anyone, no matter if you’re just getting started and no matter what niche you are in.

Later this week, we will share some actual results that people like you are experiencing.

It’s funny because those closest to me have called me stupid for revealing “the goods.”

In fact, I shared this with a close friend the other day, and his first words were, “I can’t believe you’re just going to give this all away… for free.”

Yes, I may be crazy for doing this…

But I also know that the more people I can help, the more people will eventually give our software SamCart a try.

So it’s really a win-win for everyone.

We are in this together.

Anyway, I’ll be sharing a few insights with you over the next few days as we lead up to the event.

Insight #1

When it comes to generating real passive income online, it boils down to three things.

  1. Finding the right niche 
  2. Finding the right product to sell to that niche
  3. Selling it.

Simple, right?

But of course, the devil is in the details. 

So let’s dive in a little…

Part 1: Finding the right niche

The biggest question I get from people when they are trying to get started with selling a product online is, 

“Brian, I don’t know what niche to get into?”

Well, let me share with you what I like to do…

The first thing I recommend is to follow your passion. 

I know, I know — cliche advice, right?

But it’s important to remember.

That’s because some “experts” will tell you to follow the money and not your passion. 

But that’s a terrible decision. 

Let me explain why…

You see, when I started my online business, I went an entire year without making my first sale. 

Of course, at the time, I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t know all the things I know now…

But still… Had I not followed my passion in my first business—and chose to follow the money instead—I would have given up within the first few weeks. 

That didn’t happen to me, though.

Following my passion allowed me to stay the course.

It prevented me from giving up.

Because what do you do if things aren’t going how you imagined in the beginning?

Well, if you’re only in it for the money and you aren’t making any money… then yea… I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it will be to keep moving forward. 

But when you’re driven by your passion and doing something you love, it’s easy to stick with the process. 

So you should think about your passions.

Are there any ways you could help somebody through your passions?

This should be the niche you choose. 

And once you have your niche, you’re ready to create a product that sells.

But this is where many people end up getting stopped in their tracks by that big bad boogie man known as “imposter syndrome.”

Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your abilities. Ironically it affects qualified people that question themselves before doing something even when they are more capable than most.

In this instance, most people will ask themselves questions like, “Why should anybody listen to me? I’m no expert in this topic.”

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to be. 

All you have to do is implement a little trick to instantly earn credibility and authority in your niche.

I would explain it now, but this email is already far too long (I’m 1,114 words in), so I’ll have to share it with you tomorrow…

Because we need to take care of some housekeeping before you go:

  1. Save the date to your calendar (August 26)
  2. Sign up for our text message reminders
  3. You’re already done. It’s that simple. 

That’s all for now.

I’ll check back in with you tomorrow morning.

Talk to you then,



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