Screaming For One Thing

Action Items Ahead Of Thursday

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Hey, Brian here.

We’re just two days away from our “Create Passive Income with a Simple Online Course” Workshop.

And we’ve covered a lot so far.

If you need to catch up, then stop what you’re doing right now and check out my first two emails here:

Insight #3

Okay, so you’ve identified what niche you want to get into…

I’ve shown you the One Step Ahead Rule that can help you gain instant credibility…

But now, you need to figure out what is the best product to sell to your audience.

This comes down to ONE thing…

That is solving a HUGE problem that many people in your niche are having. 

Imagine this scenario…

You’ve fallen off a cruise ship in the middle of the night (this actually happens more than you think)

You’re paddling for your life…

Swallowing loads of seawater, panicking, fighting, screaming for help.

Lucky for you, someone smoking a cigarette on the balcony saw you fall overboard.

He notifies the captain.

The ship issues an emergency broadcast to muster its crew. 

“Code Oscar! Code Oscar! Man Overboard!”

A crew member on the edge of the boat is yelling for you to save your life.

Do you want him to yell a lot of options to you? Or do you want him to just throw you a damn float?

We follow the same logic when trying to figure out what our product should be about.

We call it the “Man Overboard Test.”

Your audience is drowning, and your product should be that float.

It should solve that one problem they have and should be all they need. 

Most beginners make the deadly mistake of letting their products become too generic by solving TOO MANY problems rather than focusing on the main one.

People don’t want an encyclopedia of weight loss exercises — they want the simple 3 drills to lose weight fast.

No one wants 75 golf videos to fix their swing — they want a straightforward hack, explained quickly.

This is excellent news for you…

Because it allows you to start small but create something valuable.

We made a brand new free worksheet for you to download that will help you identify a big problem you can solve. 

You can download it for free right here. No opt-in is required. 

After you go through that download, you’ll know what your course should be about.

It’s time to squash the procrastination bug and knock this out of the park. 

This Thursday, our free workshop will give you more insights needed to get your online course business off the ground… 

So you can start generating thousands of dollars a month in passive income.

Are you ready?

We are just a few days away – so remember, if you haven’t snagged that VIP upgrade yet – do it now. When you do, you will get an exclusive bonus called 6-Figure Course Ideas For 2021.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar. Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow – I’ve asked our customer care specialist Miriam, to put together some information you’ll need for the event.

She will be sending it over soon.

See you Thursday,


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