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What If You Could Out-Sell Your Entire Website, Store or Funnel

With One Simple Page?

Imagine Finally Watching Your Product Fly Off The Shelf With

No Webinar. No Funnel. And No Big Store.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

If you’ve ever felt like it’s impossible for the average person to make real money online…

Well, you’re right.

I’ll be the first to admit it.

The average person trying to build a business online today is being led astray by an endless stream of “marketing experts” who continue to promote “new & exciting” marketing or sales techniques week after week.

You’re promised that the latest tactic is the real secret to watching the cash start rolling in…but in the end, you’re left in the same spot…with less money, less time, and more doubt.

If I had to guess, you’ve been promised that you’re just one 17-step marketing funnel away from getting rich.

Or one 3-hour webinar away from becoming wealthy.

Or one ‘drop-ship’ powered eCommerce store away from your first Lamborghini.

It’s these complicated tactics that keep the average person from ever making it online…because they’re far too complicated and expensive to pull off.

So why do these “gurus” keep pushing them? Simple.

They don’t get paid based on your results.

They make their money selling courses, books, and programs that teach you how to pull their strategies off.

Which is why, as of today, the average website, funnel, and eCommerce store only turns 1.4% of its visitors into customers.

Which means, you need 100 visitors to your website just to have a tiny chance make one single sale.

No wonder it’s so damn hard for the average person to make money on the internet.

Here are the latest numbers from…

This chart proves that the normal “marketing funnel” or e-commerce store strategies aren’t cutting it. Even with all their new fancy technology…and all the latest strategies being pushed on you…

…99% of websites today are struggling to make any sales at all.

So Listen, If You Have Ever...

…you’re in the right place.

Because we know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

…and we’ve got the solution.

And I’ll reveal this surprisingly simple “fix” in just a second…but first, let me introduce myself.

Meet Brian & Scott Moran

The Creators of SamCart

In case we haven’t met, we are Brian and Scott Moran, the creators of SamCart.

When we got started online way back in 2009, we went through what you’re going through right now…

…for over a year.

Us speaking on stage at the Underground Internet Marketing Summit

We tried to launch our first online business…and like so many people, we bounced from new idea to new idea. Struggling to bring in even one single sale along the way.

But eventually, we stumbled into one simple strategy that changed everything. It brought in that first sale…and within 12 months we went from making nothing…to grossing over $1,000,000 in sales.

Brian quit his job (Scott was still in college) and we started working full-time on this new website. 

We were instantly our own boss, in total control over our schedule, and our lifestyle. 

Plus, we were doing something we loved to do…with people we loved working with.

Because of our super simple approach to creating & selling products online, we started getting asked to speak at some pretty big events, and we started helping people just like you replicate the success we had in our business.

And that’s when we realized how complicated it was to launch new businesses, and start selling products online. Especially when you’re just getting started.

So we got the idea for a brand new piece of software (Spoiler Alert: It’s SamCart), that would make it easier than ever for a beginner to launch a profitable online business for the very first time.

And since we launched SamCart in 2014, it has become the #1 most trusted platform for selling products, and scaling businesses online.

Which is why it’s now used by most of the biggest names on the internet, including…

Lewis Howes SamCart Promotion

Lewis Howes

Billy Gene

James Wedmore

Nicole Walters

Nicolas Kusmich

Pat Flynn

Matt Clark

Julie Solomon

Tucker Max

Jenna Kutcher

Here's How We Accidentally Found 'The Perfect Page'.

About a month ago, me and the team at SamCart were studying all of the top selling products….

…and the highest converting pages across the entire system.

(At last count, we looked at over 124,182 pages!)

…and we’ve discovered 7 simple things they all have in common…and why those 7 things convince up to 10X more people to buy.

We complied what we found into something that absolutely anyone can use to sell their own stuff. And we decided to call this simple 7-step page, The 1 Page Blueprint.

Next, we’ve used this blueprint to create the ultimate “done-for-you” landing page.

This page can be used to sell any product or service, whether it’s physical or digital.

This template routinely brings in up to 10X more sales than your average website, e-commerce store, or multi-step marketing funnel.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, or how much experience you have at selling it. This simple template is literally plug-and-play…it’s fill-in-the-blank so that all you have to do is tweak it so that it makes sense for your product…and it will do the job of convincing people to buy for you.

And today, I want to give this template to you, completely free. So you can finally watch your product or service fly off the shelf, even if you’re not an expert marketer, or copywriter.

This simple template routinely converts between 5 and 10% (depending on the price of your product)…which means you make up to 10X more sales than your competitor.

Just take a look at these conversion rates…

And the even better news is…you don’t have to worry about building massive e-commerce stores…scripting out a 3 hour webinar…or build a 17-step marketing funnel.

Imagine if overnight, your conversions, sales, & profits shot up 500% or 1,000%.

Imagine what this would do for your business.

Imagine what this would do for you personally.

Imagine how much time you would save. How many headaches would go away.

It Might Sound Like A Pipe Dream, But

They Might Disagree...

The only thing that separates these people from you…is this one simple template.

They spent months (some one of them spent years) struggling just like I did to make a single sale.

Then they gave SamCart a try, and got their hands on this single page template, and their product started to immediately sell like hotcakes.

And once you get your hands on it too…you could be next.

There's Only One Way To Get This Template For Free...

I know we could charge $1,000 or more for this template alone. 

After all, it’s already making over $1,000,000 in sales PER DAY for the SamCart community as a whole. Once you have it, you simply update the text and images to fit your new product and you’re done. It’s like we already wrote your sales page for you.

This proven template is yours as our gift when you take a 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart.

…but only if you act fast.

And if you’re wondering, “Why would they be giving away this template?”

Well, I’ve actually decided to give it away for 2 reasons.

The 1 Page Blueprint Template Pre Loaded In SamCart

The first reason is a selfish one. We’re giving it away because we want to convince you to use SamCart to run your business online. We know that SamCart will boost your sales, and make your job of building your business easier than ever before.

The second reason is because our mission at SamCart has always been to empower entrepreneurs to change the world.

We believe that your product has the potential to positively change thousands of lives. And I want to see that happen. Which means, the more people we give this template to, the bigger impact they can make with their products.

So, for the next few days, anyone who joins the SamCart family, and purchases a SamCart Launch Yearly subscription, will get this exclusive template pre-loaded into their account, immediately.

And if you don’t know what SamCart is…or you haven’t seen SamCart in action…

Here's How SamCart Works...

Once you have a SamCart account, selling products becomes easier than ever.

SamCart allows you to quickly create beautiful pages that make your products look irresistible.

You just login, pick one of our pre-made templates, then customize the look using our suite of custom built widgets (proven to help you make the sale).

Once your page is done, SamCart makes it super simple to share it on social media, rank it on Google, link to it from a blog post, or send people to it from an ad.


And that’s just the beginning! Once the sales start rolling in (and you have a real business on your hands), SamCart will end up saving you…

10-12 Hours Per Week

Scott and I used to waste so much time on tasks that should have been automated…but we didn’t have any tools smart enough to do it for us.
Which is why we wanted to make sure that SamCart can take all those tasks off your shoulders…
…so you can get more of your hard earned time back + enjoy your new success.
Here are just a few of the tasks SamCart does for you behind the scenes:

On average, SamCart is saving people just like you 10 to 12 hours per week.

That’s 624 hours per year.

Assuming you sleep 8 hours each night…that’s like saving 39 FULL DAYS of your hard earned time.

You get back 39 days to spend with your family and friends.

What Can I Sell With It?

And here’s the good news…

SamCart supports any type of product you want to sell.

You can sell digital products like ebooks and online courses, physical products like t-shirts or skateboards, and even services like custom web design or coaching. 

You can charge 1-time payments, recurring subscriptions, fixed payment plans, free trials, paid trials, and anything in between. 

And as you grow, SamCart has you covered. 

You can track all your stats in our live-streaming dashboard, run custom reports to find out where your sales are coming from, send your customers to a custom built Thank You Page, offer add-ons and upsells to maximize what every order is worth, recruit affiliates to sell your product for you, and the list goes on and on…

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Pre-Designed Templates




Automated Tasks

Traffic Report

A+ Support

1-Click Upsells


Custom Domains

Conversion Pixels

Free + Shipping Support

Cart Abandonment

Google Ecommerce Tracking

Admin User Roles

Pay What You Want

Custom Receipts

Product Organization

In-Person Onboarding

Customer Self Cancel

Custom Fields

Failed Charges Report

Affiliate Center

Future Subscription Report

Fulfillment Integrations

Product Cloning


…that’s exactly what SamCart and this 1 Page Template were built to do.

But here’s the even better news…

If you’re just getting started, and you need even more help…

Maybe you don’t have a product yet.

Maybe you’re not sure what to start selling.

Maybe you need even more hand-holding through the process.

Whatever your holdup is…I want to solve it for you.

And I’ll solve it by throwing in a couple incredibly valuable free gifts…

(Value $3,995)

Free Gift #1:
"The 1 Page Masterclass"

If you’re either starting from complete scratch, or you’re someone who enjoys being walked step-by-step through the entire process…

…this free gift is for you.

My new ‘1 Page Masterclass’ distills years of my marketing & sales experience…

This is literally the exact business plan I’ve used since 2009 to generate more than $35,000,000 in sales of my own products.

In short…it’s the biggest shortcut I could ever give you.

You’ll discover things like:

Plus, I’ll reveal all of my best traffic-generation secrets so you’ll never have to worry about where to find potential customers…

…and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to getting visitors to your site…you’ll have more strategies than you’ll know what to do with…and you’ll never worry about needing traffic ever again.

In the past I’ve sold this premium training for as much as $3,995, and has been purchased by over 4,000 people.

And if you take advantage of today’s offer you can get it completely FREE.

This is just a snapshot of what’s inside the 1 Page Masterclass.

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template…

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to this program…absolutely FREE.

And that’s not all…

(Value $499)

Free Gift #2:
"The 1 Page Launch"

A couple weeks ago we looked at the most successful people using SamCart…

These folks are averaging $500,000 to $50,000,000 in sales every single year, like clockwork.

And I realized they all have 1 thing in common….

Every few months they do a “Product Launch.”

My guess is you’ve seen one of these “launches.”

They typically include 3 or 4 videos that get everyone excited about a new product coming out, and then BOOM!

The product is released…and TONS of money is made in just a couple days.

But there’s a big problem with these launches.

For the average person, they’re nearly impossible to pull off.

They’re tough to understand, expensive to build, and not to mention…extremely time-consuming.

So, we’re changing that.

We created ‘The 1 Page Launch’ to give the average person a shot at creating a 5 or 6 figure payday, like the gurus.

But without all the headaches, or costs.

This simple promotional strategy will allow you to generate a massive sales day with nothing but your one page.

I provide you with all the resources you need to pull it off all by yourself.

You’ll get my email and social media swipe files, my advertising copy, my promotional schedule, and every other tool you need to pull off your very own 5 or 6 figure launch.

Just like these guys did…

This is why I typically charge $1,997 for this program alone.

Because it has the power to generate months of revenue in just a few days time. 

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, and The 1 Page Masterclass…

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to this program…absolutely FREE.

But there’s even more…

(Value $1,997)

Free Gift #3:
"1 Page Wednesdays"

If you like to learn by watching someone break something down, live…this bonus is for you.

During our 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls, I break down the page of one of our students, live, in front of everyone.

You’ll be able to watch me take a page that’s underperforming and tweak it so that it starts turning visitors into paying customers on autopilot.

You’ll get my insights from over 10 years of selling $35 million worth of products and you can watch all the recordings from the past weeks.

Plus you’ll be able to submit your page if you want to get my advice on how to make it better.

There is literally no other way to get access to me personally, which is why these calls are invite-only…and aren’t sold anywhere else.

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, The 1 Page Masterclass, and the 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls…

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to these calls…absolutely FREE.

But there’s even more…

(Value $299)

Free Gift #4:
The Private Facebook Group

And if you need help, you’ll have access to our invite-only Facebook Group where tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs like you. This is where all our students share success stories & tips, which is why this is one of the best groups of high performance online businesses on the internet today. You can use the group to get inspiration, make connections, and get your questions answered 24/7.

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, The 1 Page Masterclass, the 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls, and the private Facebook group…

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to these calls…absolutely FREE.

But there’s even more…

(Value $99)

Free Gift #5:
The 1 Page Blueprint Booklet

Have you ever been sitting at your desk…

…trying to create a new website, or landing pages…and just staring at a blank screen?

It can be tough to create pages that convince people to buy from scratch….

…so after we created the 1 Page Blueprint template for SamCart, I decided to make myself a booklet that I can keep on my desk.

This little booklet will help you outsell your competition, without needing to go back through your notes, tutorials, or courses every time you need to create a new page.

In short, this little booklet is over 10 years and 35 million dollars worth of my own sales experience…put onto one single page so that anytime you want to launch a new product, you just pull out this simple 7-part script, and follow it word for word.

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, The 1 Page Masterclass, the 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls, the private Facebook group, and the 1 Page Blueprint booklet…

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to these calls…absolutely FREE.

But there’s even more…

(Value $199)

Free Gift #6:
The 1 Page Workshop

A few weeks back, I put on a special invite-only call where I spent 60 minutes breaking down each of the 7 steps of The 1 Page Blueprint.

Everyone who attended the training said it gave them exactly what they needed to apply each step to THEIR product.

And most of them saw immediate results.

Luckily, I recorded this training…and I’ve decided to give you access to it as well.

Think of this training as the CliffNotes version of the 1 Page Masterclass.

Here are some of the comments from that live call…

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, The 1 Page Masterclass, the 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls, the private Facebook group, the 1 Page Blueprint booklet, and the 1 Page Workshop

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to these calls…absolutely FREE.

But there’s even more…

(Value $499)

Free Gift #7:
ALL Of My Past Products

Do you think it would help you shortcut the process of making your first sale if you could look at dozens of best-selling products, and the pages used to sell them?

Over the last 10 years, I’ve created over 93 different products…and made over $35,000,000 selling them.

And I’ve decided to release them all from the vault, and give you full access to all of them so you can see what a best-selling product looks like…

…and what the pages that convince people to buy them look like.

Not only will these reports give you a blueprint to follow for your own products, but many of them have some of my best marketing and sales advice inside, so you’ll probably learn a ton from them as well.

And just like my 1 Page Blueprint Template, The 1 Page Masterclass, the 1 Page Wednesday coaching calls, the private Facebook group, the 1 Page Blueprint booklet, the 1 Page Workshop, and All My Past Products

The moment you grab your 100% RISK-FREE trial of SamCart, you’ll get instant access to these calls…absolutely FREE.

So let’s recap everything you’ll get with your 100% RISK-FREE trail of SamCart when you sign up right now.

In addition to the software containing all the features you need to turn an endless amount of visitors into paying customers, you’ll also receive:

That's A Real-World Value of $8,472

Now, I’m obviously not going to charge you $8,472 for all of this today, not even close.

But you obviously see why it’s worth at least $8,472.

…and I’m sure all the people quoted above would agree.

Especially when you compare that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars they’ve made…

But like I said…I’m not charging you that much today.

Currently, the price for a one year subscription to ‘SamCart Launch’ is $588 alone. (without any of these bonuses included)

And we currently have THOUSANDS of customers happily paying that price…and they’re not getting ANY of the free gifts you’re getting here today.

So since my goal this year is to invest in tomorrow’s top sellers…I’m putting together a super special offer, and I’m cutting that price almost in HALF, but it’s only available on this page.

Which means, you can get signed up today for just $349 for the year.

That comes out to $29 per month, or less than $1 per day!

That’s the price of a small coffee at McDonald’s…

Isn’t your financial future worth at least as much as that?

You won’t find a better value anywhere else.

So not only are you saving 40% off the retail price, but you’re also getting instant access to over $8,472 in other free gifts that will help you start selling even faster.

100% Protection

And just to make sure this is totally risk free on you, I’m including a total 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Which means you can give SamCart and this template a shot, and if you’re not completely in love with the results, just let us know and we’ll issue a prompt refund.

The real question is…

Isn’t it worth gambling just a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if you only do 1/2 as well as everyone else…

…it will still pay for itself!

So claim your spot now by clicking the button here on this page and fill out the secure form on the next page.

So now’s the time for you to make a decision and the way I see it you have three options.

Your first option is…

Choice #1 – Do Nothing

Maybe you have a business that’s doing extremely well.

Maybe your product is already flying off the shelf and you can’t even keep up with all the orders.

If that’s the case…you can afford to do nothing today.

But since you’ve made it this far, my guess is that’s not you.

I’m guessing you’re not 100% happy with your current situation.

And if I’m right, then you only have 2 other options…

Choice #2 – Figure It Out, Alone.

I know what it’s like to try and launch an online business on your own.

It’s painful.

It can take years to learn everything you need to learn, just to make your first sale.

And if you have aspirations to grow to the 6 or 7 figure level, it can take even longer.

Luckily, I had mentors who helped me shortcut the process.

But if you’re the kind of person who loves figuring things out through trial and errors…

You can go at this alone.

Sure, it might take you a while…

Maybe even a few years, but it’s not impossible. 

But if you don’t want to wait years to start actually making tons of sales…

Then your choice Is clear.

Choice #3 – Let Me Give You This Shortcut

This 1 Page Blueprint template is the single biggest shortcut to making sales.

It will help you avoid the years of trial and error that the average person goes through.

It positions your product as the market leader in your niche, which will cause people to line up to buy it.

And it does all of this for you, without you needing to spend years building your marketing or sales skills.

So, now it’s up to you.

It's your turn to act.

You should know this…

Several years ago, I was living in this basement apartment with my new wife…and I stood at a similar crosswords.

And let me tell you, had I not taken action, I don’t know where I’d be.

It was only by TAKING ACTION — that I was able to rise up out of a situation I hated and create a life that I love.

Make that same decision for yourself and click that button below and sign up right now…you won’t regret it.

And remember, there’s absolutely no risk on you.

If you have a tiny feeling deep down that this might work for you.

Then you need to sign up.

Over 95% of hopeful entrepreneurs online are failing today.

And those numbers are only getting worse as the competition gets tougher.

And I don’t want you to be in that group.

I know this will change your business and life.

Now the ball is in your court.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have to start somewhere. My first product and website was FAR from perfect. But over the years I’ve learned how to launch great products and make a lot of money doing it…all on a shoe-string budget and today I’ll be revealing much of what I discovered after years of trial and error, including how to make sure you’re selling something that people will actually buy so you don’t have to waste tons of time trying idea after idea like I did.

Firstly, selling stuff online isn’t rocket science, if you know which mistakes to avoid. I had zero experience or knowledge when I started…and I figured it out…and you have an advantage I never had, tools that make the entire process push-button easy. The truth is…there has literally never been a better time to launch an online business! Getting started is cheaper, reaching customers is easier, and with the right blueprint to follow…selling stuff has never been simpler. When I got started in 2009, if was 10X harder to get up and running than it is today. And if you are afraid you aren’t qualified enough to sell something online…that’s totally normal. I was terrified when I got started…and most of my students are terrified when they start too…that is until they finally launch something and see that people actually will buy from them and thank them for their product. 

Listen, there’s no shortage of gurus out there today peddling new techniques…that seem to just get more and more complex every single year. These days we’re all supposed to setup multi-step marketing funnels…bloated e-commerce stores…or hyper-advanced automation sequences. Which is why over 95% of hopeful online marketers never actually get their idea off the ground…never actually make that cherished first sale…because they’re stuck doing dozens of other things before they actually launch. So, if that sounds like you…and you’re looking for a different way, an easier way to shortcut the process…you’re in the right place.

I’m not going to lie to you and pretend you can get started making tons of money online without spending any money…that’s not how business works. There is always an investment of time or money or both. But the good news is, the approach I’m going to teach you today does not require tons of money upfront. In fact, using these tips I’m about to show you…you can create, market and start profiting from a completely new product entirely from scratch for less than a couple hundred dollars.  

Most people think they need an email list, or a big social media following to make a real living online…but remember, every single entrepreneur starts with nothing. No fans. No followers. No visitors and no customers. And if they get started on the right foot…all those things happen on their own. If you eliminate the big obstacles…which I’m about to show you how to do…before you know it…you’ll be the one with tons of visitors, thousands of fans, and hundreds of customers.

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SamCart is an eCommerce platform built for businesses looking for an easy way to launch new products, increase conversions, and boost backend sales. 
Try us out for free today.