Your Follower Count is Worthless if They Won’t Become Customers

Creator CEO Book Law 2

Is it possible to build and scale your audience, create goods they find valuable, and sell them with nearly 100% profit margins?

It is.

That’s what “The 18 Laws of the Creator CEO” will teach you, and you can download a copy entirely free. Follow these laws and practice what they preach, and you’re heading to Creator CEO status.

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Focus on Customers, Not Followers

Followers don’t pay the bills – customers do. Here’s how Creator CEO will teach you to become a master of customer acquisition:

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Scott Moran

Scott Moran, co-founder of SamCart, the eCommerce platform for digital creators, coins the term “Creator CEO” with his 18 laws for continuing to scale your business and generating 6-7+ figure revenue.

In this book, you’ll learn what separates Creator CEOs from the casual hobbyists. Unlock insights from million-dollar sellers and other Creator CEOs – entirely free.


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