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A collection of 6 new courses loaded with advanced insider tricks that will unlock hidden profits in your business

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Happy Black Friday.

This is one of our favorite times of the year.

That’s because each year we put together something special for people like you that are a part of our SamCart community.

This year is no exception.

We just finished creating a brand new collection of 6 mini-courses…

It’s called the SamCart Blackbox.

And today we want to give it to you.

This bundle is loaded with advanced insider tricks to help you unlock hidden profits in your business.

Instead of wasting your time, making you read a bunch of fluff…

Let’s get straight to the point and share what each of these mini-courses include right now.

That way you can see exactly what you’re getting with the SamCart Blackbox.

Mini-Course #1: The Backwards Timer (value $99)

Back in June, we launched a new offer to our audience.

We set up a VSL page with a video and an add-to-cart button to sell it.

Really simple.

And the results were decent. 

But then in October, we decided to relaunch the same offer.

This time, however, we added one minor tweak to the page.

It’s called the Backwards Timer.

It instantly increased our revenue and conversion rate by 55%.

Everything else on the page was the same.

But this one simple addition helped keep our page viewers engaged and turned more prospects into customers. 

Inside this mini-course, I’ll walk you through a case study comparing both promotions…

So that way you can see how and why the Backwards Timer worked so well.

I will also give you the HTML code that you can copy and paste to your page to have it quickly start working for you.

Mini-Course #2: The Service Stuffer (value $99)

Inside of this mini-course, we will walk you through a simple strategy to fill up your high-ticket services easily.

We call it the Service Stuffer.

This is a technique used by some of our most successful SamCart users.

This will allow you to:

Nick Wolney doubled his order value in his first month with SamCart by simply using this strategy.

We will show you how you can set this up for yourself and give you all the scripts you need to make it work.

Mini-Course #3: Payment Plan Harvester (value $99)

Have you ever used a Payment Plan with your products?

Or have you ever run a membership where you collect monthly payments?

If you haven’t, you should because those are two ways you can quickly increase your revenue.

But there is one problem with monthly payments…

Payments fail.

In fact, our SamCart database has shown that the average amount of payments that will be successful over time is 3.88 per customer.

This means that months 1, 2, and 3 will be fine…

But after that, your customers’ payments are much more likely to fail.

Over time you will lose 50-60% of your payments.

This happens for many reasons…

It could be because credit cards expire, get lost, or people just cancel…

But either way, it sucks for you if you’re providing the service.

Well, we’ve discovered a simple 3-step blueprint that solves this problem…

And allows you to make more money up-front and in the long run.

You’ll get all the details inside of this new mini-course.

Mini-Course #4: The Sticky CTA Widget (value $99)

Take a look at this Call-To-Action Widget at the bottom of this image:

This bad boy works like crazy.

Let me explain what it does…

You see, after analyzing countless order forms…

We noticed that only 34% of people were getting to the actual “call to action” section on our longer form checkout pages.

That means that most people were leaving our order form without ever making it to the section where they enter their payment information.

Clearly this problem lowered the conversion of our pages…

And we badly needed a solution.

So we put our best developers on it.

They spent weeks trying to figure out the best way to solve the problem.

And they finally decided to create a new widget — from scratch — that would help people breeze through the checkout process and get to the CTA section.

After weeks of planning, it took another few days for them to actually build the widget and verify that there were no bugs.  

But when it was finally perfect, we immediately installed it on our order forms…

And get this…

The new sticky call to action widget helps us get up to 30% more of our prospects to the CTA section.

So instead of most people not making it to the payment section…

Now almost everyone makes it to where they enter their payment information.

Of course, this has boosted our sales across the board.

Inside of this new mini-course, I’ll walk you through the live case study detailing everything you need to know about the Sticky CTA Widget.

I’ll also show you why this works so well and how you can set something up like this in your business.

But here’s the thing…

If you were to try to build a widget like this on your own, it would probably cost around $1,000-$2,000 to hire a good developer capable of building it for you…

But don’t worry, we will give you our HTML script for this Sticky CTA Widget…

And we will also show you how to copy and paste it on your SamCart page so it works properly.

Keep in mind, it is fully customizable.

You can edit the text to fit your product.

It’s also mobile responsive.

All this is yours inside of the Sticky CTA Widget mini-course.

Mini-Course #5: The Ultimate Tripwire (value $99)

Inside this course, you’ll discover our never-before-seen tripwire strategy that will allow you to make more sales without being pushy.

This is perfect for people who like making money but hate “selling.”

To tell you the truth, I can’t take full credit for this strategy.

A SamCart customer introduced me to it a few weeks back.

I saw that he was using it in his business and seeing massive success…

So I asked him about it.

He told me all the details and gave me permission to test it for myself.

He then said, “Brian if it works for you, be sure to show it to other [Samcart] users so they can make more money with it.” 

So I took a few minutes to set it up and test it with one of my old businesses…

The results were surprising.

In less than 72 hours, I was able to 5X my sales without even promoting products.

In other words, I was selling more without even trying to sell. 

I know it sounds crazy…

But you’ll find out everything you need to know to make this work for you inside this new mini-course.

Mini-Course #6: The $1 Bump Suite (value $99)

Last year for Black Friday, we tested a unique “order bump” strategy on our checkout page that helped us triple our conversion rate for SamCart trials.

We call this the $1 Bump Suite.

I’ve never seen anybody else do this…

And it’s only possible when you use a platform like SamCart that allows you to add multiple order bumps on your checkout page.

Inside of the mini-course, you’ll see exactly how we set this up…

I’ll show you how to design your order bumps for maximum conversion…

And finally, you’ll discover how to use this strategy on your pages. 

Take Advantage Of Our Limited-Time
Black Friday Discount

The total value of the SamCart Blackbox comes out to $594.

But today we are cutting the price down to just $99.

That means you will get ALL 6 of the mini-courses for the price of 1. 

And when you take us up on this special offer today… 

We will also give you a 100% FREE 45-day trial to a SamCart Grow Plan or SamCart Scale Plan (you get to choose the one you want to test drive). 

SamCart helps you easily launch new products and services…

And it also helps you boost conversions from the products you’re already selling.

With SamCart, you get an entire library of pre-designed product page, sales page, and checkout page templates that are built to sell any type of product or service.

You can sell:

Plus, you can get paid however you’d like. 

You can charge one-time payments, recurring subscriptions, payment plans, free trials, paid trials…

And you can even offer “pay-what-you-want” pricing, where your customers can decide what they want to pay.

Once your page is ready you get a simple URL to share with any potential customer or client.

This allows them to pay you right then and there from the very same page.

You’ll be able to see all your sales in our live-streaming dashboard. 

So you’ll finally know where your sales are coming from… 

And managing your business will become easier than it’s ever been.

SamCart works seamlessly with all the tools you’re already using.

That means you can automatically deliver your digital products…

You can add someone to your course…

You can trigger a new shipment from your fulfillment center or start the process of fulfilling your service…

Plus, you can automate dozens of tasks that take up your time each day.

So you can do things like adding customers to your email list, firing conversion pixels, adding tags inside your CRM, and updating customer records inside your customer support platform.

Whether you’re marketing your business with social media… 

… running paid ads on Facebook or YouTube… 

… building your audience with a blog or running webinars…

… or driving traffic through a marketing funnel…

Inserting SamCart into the process will boost your conversions, maximize your sales, and make running your business easier than ever.

How to get started today

Like I mentioned earlier… 

Today you can choose to test out the SamCart Grow Plan or the Scale Plan for free for 45 days. 

SamCart Grow usually costs $1,188 a year… 

And SamCart Scale usually costs $2,388 a year. 

But you get a FREE 45-day trial to the plan of your choice when you purchase the SamCart Blackbox for just $99 today. 

So just like a new car, go ahead and give SamCart a spin.

See what it feels like to easily build and sell your products with SamCart… over and over again.

Use all the new tactics and strategies we reveal in the SamCart Blackbox to boost your sales.

We predict that you will make enough money in those first 45 days of using SamCart to cover your subscription fee for an entire year, or maybe even two. 

But if for any reason in the next 45 days, you’re not satisfied or you just feel like SamCart isn’t for you…

Simply contact our customer service team to cancel your SamCart account and you will never be billed. 

And of course, you will still get to keep your SamCart Blackbox Bundle. 

That’s yours for life. 

But I doubt you will want to cancel your SamCart account.

That’s because our users are raving about the success they have experienced with SamCart.

Our users are happy because they get real results with SamCart.

I would love for you to be our next success story.

Which is why I recommend you take advantage of this limited-time discount. 

Remember, when the timer below expires, this deal will be gone for good.


To get started, simply click the button below.

That will take you to our secure order form where you will be able to learn more about both SamCart Plans.

After that, just select the the plan that you would like to try for free for 45 days…

Fill out the form and complete your purchase.

As soon as you are done we will create your new SamCart account for you and we will give you instant access to the SamCart Blackbox.

See you inside,

Brian Moran
Co-founder, SamCart

SamCart Black Friday

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