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AI for eCommerce Workshop:

2X Your Sales, Reach & Time

3-Day Workshop

AI is a game-changer for online business. But it’s not enough on its own.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to our comprehensive AI workshop that will show you how to harness its power to multiply your sales, grow your audience, and double your team’s output.

Hosted by SamCart
Workshop Hosts

Featuring Scott Moran, Ben Harris & Taylor Daniele

Join the cutting edge of eCommerce & checkout automation

During this workshop, we’ll be sharing our 9 strategies that will 2X your earning potential—all by using AI the right way

You’ll hear from industry experts and proven top sellers on why these strategies are working and why Creator CEOs can’t afford to ignore AI in 2023. You’ll leave the workshop refreshed with a solid plan to maximize your sales, expand your reach, and double the impact of your team. 

Here's what you'll discover during our 3-day AI Workshop:

Day 1

Multiply Your Sales

  • Learn the 3X Rule for tripling your sales
  • Optimize backend sales for maximum profits
  • Generate a never-ending supply of product ideas

Day 2

Grow Your Audience

  • Automate content creation for a constant workflow of fresh ideas
  • Leverage AI to run and scale profitable ad campaigns quickly
  • Boost Google search rankings and drive organic traffic with AI

Day 3

Double Your Team's Output

  • Enhance efficiency and scalability with AI handling repetitive tasks‍
  • Capture free customers by generating organic referrals
  • Boost profits +43% by capturing “lost sales” on autopilot