Mark Your Calendars:
October 15th

We are excited to be prepping for the biggest SamCart Promotion of 2019. Check out this update from Brian for more information!


September 16th

This promotion will begin with a series of events that will build anticipation for October 15th. These events will kickoff on September 16th, and you will have affiliates links + email swipe copy for each event listed below.

September 16th

The Biggest Features Of 2019

We will be kicking off the Pre-Launch period with a blog post counting down all the biggest features to hit SamCart this year. 

This blog post will finish with a chance for every reader to join the Waiting List for October 15th.

September 24th

Brian’s “Free + Shipping” Walkthrough

Brian will be producing a full training outlining exactly how he creates his “Free + Shipping” offers. 

From creating the product to running the ads to shipping the final product, Brian will leave no stone unturned. So your audience can get a full inside look at this popular ways to get tons of new customers!

October 2nd

Special “1-Page Wednesday” Live Stream

Our “1-Page Wednesday” calls usually center around breaking down a real SamCart Sales Page submitted by one of our users. 

In this special edition, we will be showcasing the new addition to SamCart, and showcasing the beautiful sales pages that are already being built by the Content Builder BETA users.


October 11th

The Waiting List

As we get closer to the 15th, we will be building a Waiting List. This page will feature a 60-second teaser for the big release on October 15th, and give visitors the chance to be first in line for the news.

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