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Discover Brian’s simple process for launching a brand new online business from scratch…without a complicated funnels, 3 hour webinars, or bloated e-commerce stores!

Why Are We Giving This Training Away?

We recently ran a survey to 13,426 people just like you and asked them what is the #1 thing you need to actually get your business off the ground in 2021. 

The overwhelming response…

“I Just Wish I Had A Simple, Step By Step Plan I Could Follow To Launch My Digital Product Business!”

Well, you asked… And we listened! 

For 24 hours we are opening up “on demand” access to a training Brian did with several thousand entrepreneurs on his strategy for launching an online business. 

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They Did It, Why Not YOU?

The tips and techniques you discover inside this exclusive training is already helping thousands of people just like transform their life.

You don’t want to miss your chance at attending this training and using it to quickly grow and scale your business.

During this training you will learn:

1. The one reason most entrepreneurs don’t make their first sale… (5:58)

2. The only type of product you should attempt to sell when you’re just starting out…. (7:07)

3. The real truth behind how much money the average drop-shipper, affiliate marketer, and funnel hack make…. (8:01)

4. How to pick a niche that could generate tons of sales…. (10:21)

5. The “problem test” and how it increases your chances of success…. (11:48)

6. My secret “bookshelf test” and why it can make even a struggling product to start flying off the shelf…. (13:15)

7. The perfect price that is proven to boost conversions in every niche… (15:18)

8. The four reasons you must DITCH YOUR FUNNEL… (16:33)

9. The simple “1 Page Blueprint” and how over 19,284 people have used it to make their first sale… (19:12)

Training within the next day or so. 

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