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Webinar CliffNotes

Secret #1: Sell A Product You Own!

Listen, I know everyone today is screaming about becoming the next drop-shipping millionaire by selling crappy products made in China, or buying yachts with their affiliate income by recommending products that someone else makes, or living on a beach while you earn commissions from the friends you annoyed about your network marketing company. 

But the truth is…those are pipe dreams created to take advantage of people who don’t know any better. And look, I get it. It sounds so easy. So hands off. So guaranteed. But the actual numbers don’t support any of these ideas. Here are the stats you need to know. 

The average drop-shipper on Shopify takes home less than $3,000 per year. The average affiliate marketer makes less than $500 per year. And the average network marketers makes less than $1,000 per year. Of course, no one is going to tell you that…but it’s the truth.

Not to mention…even if you succeed with one of these flawed business models…when you sell a product you don’t own, you have ZERO control. If the product from China goes out of stock…you go out of business. If the network marketing company changes their rules, you’re screwed. Or if the owner of the product you’re an affiliate for doesn’t support the customer well, you get hammered. Plus, you’re building someone else’s business, instead of your own. You’re building their brand, their audience, and their list. 

I know this might sound harsh. This might sound narrow-minded. And the truth is…it is. Because I’m not willing to let you go down the wrong road that I know will lead to your failure.

That’s why, my #1 secret to success is always…always start by selling a product that you created and that you own. 

Secret #2 - Sell To A Passion Niche

So if you’re going to create your own product so that you have full control…the next question becomes “so what niche should i sell to?”


Most people start off by going into a niche where they hear people are making lots of money. But there are three fatal flaws with that. Number one, things aren’t always what they seem. Just because someone is making lots of money doesn’t mean that they’re keeping any of it. In most cases they have to spend all of that money on advertising, manufacturing, and other costs. 


Number two, once you’ve heard about a “hot niche” it’s most likely too late to get in on it. Remember those fidget spinners? The first couple people who sold them made good money, but then everyone jumped in…and now they’re gone. And number three, you usually know nothing about that niche! Beginners make this mistake all the time because they don’t realize how critical it is to understand your niche if you want to sell something to the people in it. 


Which is why secret #2 is simple: ALWAYS sell to a niche that you’re passionate about. Do you love to golf? Sell something to golfers. Do you like to hike? Sell something to hikers. Do you love being a mom, sell something to moms. I don’t care if you think there’s only 3 other people in your passion niche, that’s where you need to start. You’ll understand your customers needs better and you’ll enjoy the learning process ten times more, which is key in the early days. 

Secret #3 - Write A Book or Create A Mini Course

So if you’re going to create your own product so that you have full control…and enter a niche you’re passionate about…the next question becomes “so what type of product should I create and sell to this niche?”


And that’s secret #3. Always start by selling a simple digital product. Either a small 10-20 page report or a simple 2-3 video mini course. Why? Because physical products involve too much upfront capital to create, manufacture and ship…which puts tons of risk on you if it doesn’t work out. And selling a service that you perform for someone else requires all of your time, so you’re just giving yourself a new job to do every time you make a new sale. Creating a digital product can be done virtually for free, which means you keep 100% of the money for yourself instead of spending it on manufacturing and shipping! Plus, you can have something ready to sell in just a few days…versus spending thousands of dollars and sucking up months of your time before you’re even ready to launch.


Plus, a digital product like a PDF or online videos can be improved instantly so that all customers have the latest version, versus a physical product can never be improved once it’s shipped out.


And if you’re wondering what your report or mini course should be about…then don’t miss Secret #4…

Secret #4 - Write A Book The Sells with The Problem Test

Now that you’ve decided to create a report, you’re probably wondering what it should be about? What topic will really grab people’s attention? What subject will they care about? What content will they actually pay for?

Well, if you want to guarantee people desperately want what’s inside your report, I use the Problem Test. And this is Secret #4.

The Problem Test starts by asking yourself what your #1 problem was when you first got interested in the niche you’re selling to.

If you’re in fitness, maybe your #1 problem used to be figuring out what foods to eat or what exercises to do.

If you’re in real estate, maybe your #1 problem was finding leads for potential properties.

If you’re in online marketing, maybe your #1 problem was getting traffic to your site.

Your report should only solve one big promise…and promise one big benefit to your reader…not a broad range of different problems. Most beginners make the deadly mistake of letting their products become too generic and all-encompassing…This doesn’t add value, but actually waters down the benefit to your potential customers. No one wants a book that teaches them everything they need to know to speak Spanish…they want 12 critical phrases they can use while they’re vacationing in Mexico. No one wants an encyclopedia of weight loss exercises…they want the 3 key exercises they need to drop 10 pounds by next week!

By only promising one big benefit from your report, you grab your reader’s attention…you pull them in because you have what they want…and this will dramatically boost your sales.

This is exactly why Secret #2 is to sell to a niche you’re passionate about. Because if you’re not passionate or interested in the niche you’re selling to…you will NEVER know what their real problems are…and if you don’t understand their problems…they will NEVER buy from you.

Secret #5 - Create The Perfect Title with The Bookshelf Test

Secret #5 is picking the perfect title. Way too many people spend all their time making sure their product is amazing, and they pick a crappy title and then they wonder why no one is buying. So let me be clear…the title of your product can literally make or break it. But the good news is, picking a great title is easy. 

To do it, I use The Bookshelf Test. Imagine you’re starting to learn how to play guitar, and you really want to learn how to play the famous song “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton. So you head over to the bookstore and you’re walking through the music section looking at all the books about playing guitar. You see 3 books to choose from. The first one is titled “Everything You Need To Know About Playing the Guitar” and it’s by Jimi Hendrix. The second is titled “The Ultimate Guitar Book” and it’s by Eric Clapton himself. And the third book is written by “The Beginner’s Guide To Playing Guitar” and it’s by someone you’ve never heard of.

Which book are you going to buy? You’re going to buy the two books written by arguably two of the best guitarists of all time right? But now let’s change the scenario…what if the third book was titled “How To Play Tears in Heaven – A Beginner’s Guide To Mastering The Best Song Of All Time” and it’s still written by someone you’ve never heard of.

You’re going to buy that book before you buy the book written by the guy who literally wrote the song you’re trying to learn! Why? Because the title of that book promised to deliver EXACTLY what you’re trying to learn…it promised the solve the #1 problem you’re looking to solve right now.

So instead of giving your products generic titles that don’t promise anything specific, use titles like these…


  • How To Add 25 Yards to Your Golf Drive
  • How To Lower Your Blood Sugar
  • How To Boosting Your Productivity
  • How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog


…you get the idea.

So…pick a single topic that your passion niche needs help with…whip out Google Docs…and start writing. You’ll have 10-20 pages written before you know it. Come up with a catchy title…then take that doc to 99designs and for less than $300 you can get the entire thing designed by a professional so you look like a New York Times best-selling author.

All of the sudden, you have something that looks great, solves a big problem, and is ready to sell.

Now that your product is ready…and it’s positioned to be something that people will line up to buy…you’re probably wondering, “what should I price it?”

Well, that leads us to secret number 6…

Secret #6 - Sell Your Report for $27

Charging between $20 and $30 makes it an easy decision for people to say YES, which means you actually make sales…even if you’re not an expert salesman. Plus charging $20 to $30 leaves you with a lot of profit left over on each sale, versus charging $5 to $10.

This is why my go-to price for special reports is $27. People these days are used to spending between $20 and $30 for books and audiobooks, so pricing yours at $27, especially if you make a great “offer” by including other special bonuses…won’t be an issue at all.

Sure you could sell it for $5 or $10…but you’re making your job a lot harder because it forces you to sell thousands of copies to make serious money. Plus, in my experience…people willing to pay $27 are way better customers in the long run…and by pricing it at the upper limit for books or reports…you’re signaling to the market that you’re the top authority on the subject…which instantly provides you with credibility.

Secret #7 - Ditch Your E-Commerce Store & Multi-Step Marketing Funnel

Next you’re probably wondering, Ok so how do I actually start selling this thing? You’ve probably been preached at about the need for a multi-step marketing “funnel”…or a bloated e-commerce store…or complex email automation sequences…but the truth is, those advanced techniques are KILLING your chances at making any money. 

No one else is going to tell you this, but there are 4 big reasons why you should never start out trying to make sales with an advanced technique like a multi-step marketing funnel…

#1 – They hardly ever outperform simple websites. You might not know this but the average marketing funnel converts less than 0.5% of visitors into buyers…because at every step of the way, you lose visitors. Which means if you get 1,000 visitors per month, you’ll only sell 5 copies of your $20 report, a total of $100 in sales. That’s a lot of work for $100 in sales.

#2 – When they don’t work…they’re impossible to fix…which means you have to start completely over. Imagine if your car broke down, and there were no mechanics left on Earth. You most likely don’t know how to fix a busted engine, so you’d have to buy a brand new car. That’s how all these advanced techniques work. When they don’t work…you’re most likely not equipped to figure out why, and then fix the issue, so you get the privilege of spending another 4-5 months starting from scratch.

#3 – People HATE them. People today expect to find the product they want in just a few minutes, and then buy it a few seconds later. People are sick and tired of going through 17 different steps of your funnel, and getting 37 different follow-up emails before they’re even allowed to buy your product. When was the last time you started shopping for something online and got excited when just as you thought you found what you were looking for…that the site made you jump through 15 hoops in order to buy it? 

#4 – They take FOREVER to build! Do you want to be responsible for all that work? Just to find out months later that it didn’t work? Plus, even when you THINK you’re done…there’s always something else to add, a new page to create, or some tweak to make. Which means you never actually start making money.

So listen…You do NOT need a full website to start selling. You do NOT need an e-commerce store full or products to start selling. You do NOT need a multi-step marketing funnel to start selling. You do NOT need a 30-day autoresponder sequence to start selling. You do NOT need a social media presence to start selling.

All you need is 1 simple page that grabs the attention of your audience…excites people about your product…connects with people so they trust you…proves that your product actually works…and converts them into a paying customer. And if you’re thinking yeah Brian that sounds great, but I have no idea how to make a page like that or what to put on it… Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

Secret #8 - Sell With A Single Page Using My 1 Page Blueprint!

I’ve created a simple template that allows you to sell anything to anyone, with nothing but 1 simple page. I call it the 1 Page Blueprint, and that is Secret #8. My 1 Page Blueprint is a simple template that makes your product irresistible…without you needing a masters degree in marketing or sales. Plus it out-sells any multi-step marketing funnel because there’s only one step…which means you don’t lose any visitors as long the way like you do in a traditional marketing funnel.

I’ve used this exact template to sell dozens of different products in almost every niche imaginable…and it converts like crazy every single time because it accomplishes the 4 things you need to do if you want to convince thousands of people to buy from you.

This template generates excitement about your product with attention grabbing headlines and bullet points that highlight the big benefits for your potential customers.

It builds trust with people by telling the backstory behind your product and by bringing out your unique personality.

It crushes any worries people might have about buying by showing customer testimonials that prove your product works, 3rd party trust seals, & guarantees that remove risk. 

And it gives people the sensation of getting an amazing deal with a built in section for adding bonuses and special offers. 

This page is so powerful, that all you need to do is get visitors to it…and it will do the job of convincing people to buy for you…without you needing to set up anything else.

In fact, whenever I launch a new product or offer, I have this 1-Page template pre-loaded into my SamCart account as my starting point…because it has been tweaked, tested, and designed to convert at 40 to 50 times what the average website does.

I simply update the text and images to fit my new product and I’m done. I literally cannot go wrong, and if you stay to the end of this training…I’ll show you how you can use this exact template for yourself.

Secret #9 - Get Unlimited Traffic With My 4 Step Facebook Ad Campaign

Step #1 – The Perfect Facebook Ad

Now that you have a killer product and a simple way to sell it, you need lots of people coming to that page every single day. This is called TRAFFIC. And today the #1 best way to get traffic RIGHT NOW is Facebook Ads.

And it can be done with practically no ad budget whatsoever…which I’ll explain in Secret #12.

But first, you need a simple formula for creating ads that makes sure you get super cheap clicks. That’s why Secret #8 is my Perfect Facebook Ad formula. Which is…

Get Attention. Ask A Question. Make A Promise.

Every Facebook Ad is made up of three main elements. The picture or video. The headline. And the post text. And each of these 3 elements has a job to do.

The job of your image or video is simple, get people’s attention. They don’t even need to be related to what you’re selling, if your image grabs people’s attention as they’re scrolling through their feed…your job is done. 

Next is the headline. The job of your headline is to let people know that your ad is for them. This is why I always ask a question in my headline. 

For a local dance studio we asked Do you have a 3-5 year old daughter? 

For our baseball site we asked “Are you struggling at the plate?”. 

For a Youtube marketer we asked “Do you want more YouTube subscribers?” 

And for this webinar we asked “Are you sick of building funnels?” 

And lastly is the post text. Now that you’ve grabbed someone’s attention, and they know your ad is for them…the job of your post text is to make them CLICK

And the best way to make them click is to let them know “what’s in it for them”…and the best way to do that is to make a promise about what they will find on the next page. 

For example, in this ad we promise that on the following page, we will reveal our new report that explains 10 simple steps to becoming a great hitter.

If you do those three things, your ad will suck up all the traffic Facebook has to offer, and you’ll pay 2-3X less for clicks than your competitors. 

And if you ever need inspiration for your ads…go to Google and search the Facebook Ad Library. You find ANY ads currently running on Facebook, including your competitors’ ads. Just type in your competitor’s brand name into the search bar…then their fan page will come up, and it will reveal every single Facebook Ad they are currently running.

This will give you incredible insight into their business, and it will give you a virtually unlimited supply of new ideas for your ads that you can model. Pretty cool, right?

Step #2 – Optimize For Buyers, Not Leads.

Once your ad is ready, there’s only 1 step left to make sure it brings in tons of new customers…and this is something that nearly every “expert” gets wrong. You need to optimize your ad for purchases. Not leads. Not clicks. Not likes. Not views. Purchases.

When you turn on this simple setting…Facebook starts finding buyers for you 24/7…using all of their data to identify people who are most likely to purchase. Not most likely to watch your videos…read your blog posts…or opt-in to your email list…most likely to PURCHASE!

Step #3 – How To Target The Right People

The next step is giving Facebook a good “starting point” for where to show your ads. So all you need to do…is type in the name of your top 3 competitors…and target their fans. That’s it. 

This simple technique always leads to the most sales, and the most profitable campaigns.

Step #4 – The 2X Ad Budget 

And finally…one of the biggest questions I get about Facebook Ads is, “What should my ad budget be?” 

And my rule of thumb is 2 times the price of your product. So the good news for you is, if you’re selling a $27 report like I suggest, you only need $54 to test an ad campaign. If your $54 brings in $70…$80…$90…or $100 in sales, you simply start buying more ads…because every extra dollar you put in makes an extra $2.

This is how Rocky went from $0 to $3,245 per day in sales in just 23 days. 

It’s how SpeakSpanishFaster.com went from $0 to $2,837 per day in just 13 days.

And it’s how Carl made $73,294 in his first 3 months. Obviously it doesn’t always happen this way…but it’s absolutely possible…and when you have a proven blueprint like mine, it’s far more likely to happen. I mean, just imagine if you could achieve just half of what these guys did…that would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it?

Secret #10 - Use SamCart

And that brings us to Secret #10, which is to use SamCart to build your page, sell your product, and run your business.

I know I’m biased because I created SamCart…but the truth is, no other tool will make your life easier, and help you grow your business as fast as SamCart will.

With SamCart, you’ll have everything you need to sell your own product. And since you don’t have to worry about setting anything up, you have time to pick the perfect niche, come up with your product’s title, and create an amazing product people will love. Once your product is ready, SamCart handles all of the product delivery FOR YOU, which will save you hundreds of dollars over paying for a membership site solution. 

SamCart will allow you to quickly and easily test prices so you can zero in on the sweet spot, and back it up with data. Instead of building a bloated website or complex funnel…you simply buy a domain name for $10 bucks and point it to your new 1 page store on SamCart. 

This will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration…trust me. Next you’ll get the actual template that has made me millions loaded directly into your samcart account. I can’t express how valuable it is…simply edit the text and replace the images with your own and you’re DONE. Plus it looks beautiful and converts every time. With SamCarts powerful tracking system you can easily see where your sales are coming from. Even down to the individual AD, so you know what ads are working and which are not without messing around in facebook’s confusing interface. 

Imagine finally having a tool that is both incredibly powerful and simple to use. Imagine finally be able to effortlessly convert visitors into paying customers. And imagine finally having a real online business that has the respect of your friends & family. All without having to pay hundreds of dollars per month.

We have thousands of customers paying almost $2400 per year to use SamCart, and it’s a no brainer… As one of our customers told me, “I will never leave SamCart… This literally makes me money every single day!”, but since you’re here today and I want to personally invest in tomorrow’s top sellers…I’m making a crazy offer that isn’t available anywhere else…where you won’t pay a fraction of that. Plus I’m throwing in over $6,178 worth of bonuses that will help you reach the 6-figure level fast. Click the button below to see everything you get inside this crazy offer…

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